“To All the Blooming Individualities”


アーティストとグラフィックやもの作りを通して個々の声を届けるために、最初のコレクションはジェンダー平等(gender equality)として、タイのアーティストSundae Kids(サンデーキッズ)とコラボレーションしました。

Sundae Kidsは2人組で、イラストやコミック、アニメーションなどを手がけています。

Our brand “OPEN/END” is inspired by the idea of unbiased inclusiveness for everyone.
The brand’s core belief is all individuals are beautiful and imperfectly perfect.

OPEN/END aims to deliver fun and positive energy by creating an international platform for talented artists where they may express themselves limitlessly to the most diverse generation.
Through this platform, we have worked closely with the artists & created a series of graphics & merchandises to encourage individualities to be seen & heard.
The goal for the first collection is to ultimately raise more awareness and visibility to gender equality.

The first inviting artist whose beliefs align with the brand concept is Sundae Kids from Thailand.
Sundae Kids are a duo artists that cover a wide range of media such as illustrations, comics, animations and graphic novels.
Through this collaboration, we have worked closely with Sundae Kids to establish original stories through comics to raise awareness of gender equality.